Its All About
Cramers Coffee


Situated at 17 Harrison Street

Cramer’s Coffee is a vibrant speciality coffee shop, known for our premium-quality coffee, our friendly service and our inviting atmosphere. We’ve been around since 2007, long before the coffee bug really bit in Johannesburg, so we’ve had time to get our offering right. 

 We follow three simple rules:



  • Freshness is everything. We roast fresh every week, believing that a good-quality bean, freshly roasted, will beat the fanciest grounds every time.
  • Coffee is the centre of our business. We strive to serve a loyal customer base of people who appreciate good coffee. Food is an added bonus.
  • We hire ‘personalities’ It’s important that our people get on really well with the customers. Our staff are talented, smart, trustworthy, constantly trained and up-skilled and can relate to our market.

In summary, Cramers Coffee is about fresh beans, top machines and the right people for the job. For us, this is the recipe for success.

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